Product Information

As the trend toward healthy lifestyles continues to drive consumer products, Autocrat is uniquely positioned and dedicated to providing natural premium tea extracts, powders and concentrates.

Autocrat offers a wide variety of high-quality teas to add flavor, aroma and health benefits to food beverage and functional products. Our assortment of teas includes:

Black Tea

Black tea leaves are rolled and crushed, then allowed to ferment fully.  This imparts the dark color and rich characteristic flavor of black tea that ranges from delicate to robust.

Green Tea

Green teas are heated immediately after harvesting to prevent fermentation. This preserves a fresh, grassy, sweet green flavor with a delicate body and aroma. The infusion is clean and light.

White Tea

White tea buds and leaves are allowed to wither in natural sunlight, also known as wilting. This least processed tea has a delicate, light, fruity flavor with a natural sweetness, making it the perfect tea to pair with other flavors.

Oolong Tea

Oolong teas are partially fermented and fall somewhere between black and green, often combining features of both. This tea has a medium dark flavor with floral and roasted notes.

Tea Aromas

Both black and green tea aromas offer quality top notes of freshly brewed tea that work well in beverages when paired with black and green tea extracts.

Tea Syrups

Black and green tea syrups combine premium tea extracts with the perfect amount of sweetness to make an iced, hot or frappe tea beverage when diluted with water or milk.